José Andrés' World Central Kitchen Feeds Students in Need in Arkansas

Many are on the ground in Little Rock to get meals into the hands of students who need food during school closings amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

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From individuals to massive corporations, so many people across the country are mobilizing to provide help as the coronavirus pandemic escalates.

And whether hurricanes or government shutdowns, Chef José Andrés, who founded non-profit World Central Kitchen with his wife Patricia Fernandez de la Cruz, is no stranger to stepping in to provide food to communities in need. Since 2010, their charity has worked to deliver meals to the hungry following disasters of all kinds. Now, they've stepped up to help with relief efforts in the wake of the coronavirus crisis—whether delivering meals in Yokohama, Japan following the quarantine of the Diamond Princess cruise ship or distributing grab-and-go meals to families in Queens and the Bronx.

Closer to home, we're moved to see World Central Kitchen get to work in Little Rock, Arkansas, in partnership with Bill Clinton's Clinton Center and the City of Little Rock, among others.

Among the many social media posts from various parties involved, our day was definitely brightened by this sweet video shared by Andrés himself of one food truck owner giving food to a group of thankful youngsters. "This is Slader from our @WCKitchen team in Little Rock, Arkansas! He owns Alaskan Dumpling Co. food truck....and has been delivering fresh meals to kids while schools are shut down!" wrote Andrés in a Tweet accompanying the video clip.

"Thank you for giving us food," a cute little girl said in the exchange, before reminding the food truck owner, Slader, that she needed a spoon. Watch the sweet video below.

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If you'd like to make a donation to the World Central Kitchen, you can do so here.

We're grateful to the many working hard to ensure that students, the elderly, and other at-risk populations stay fed during these trying times.

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