Watch the Lyric Music Video for John Prine's Final Song, "I Remember Everything," Set to Fan Postcards

It's hard to watch this and not get the chills.

John Prine In Concert - Los Angeles, CA
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Ready to take a deep breath, crank the volume up, and escape for a lovely few minutes to a calmer, nostalgic state of mind? We know we certainly are. What's that we hear? The echo of your hearty "yes, please?" Well then, join us an the late, great John Prine, as the celebrated singer and songwriter leads us on a journey with his final recorded song, "I Remember Everything."

Though we tragically lost the artist this spring due to complications from the coronavirus, "I Remember Everything" is a haunting, beautiful tribute to his cutting power as a songwriter—the lyrics both morose and uplifting, timeworn and delivered with breath anew. Penned by Prine and his longtime collaborator Pat McLaughlin, the new lyric music video deepens the poignancy of the song's words, setting them to postcards mailed to the singer from his devoted fanbase.

"And I remember every town / And every hotel room / And every song I ever sang / On a guitar out of tune / I remember everything / Things I can't forget / The way you turned and smiled on me / On the night that we first met / And I remember every night / Your ocean eyes of blue / How I miss you in the morning light / Like roses miss the dew," Prine croons as a string of postcards flutter by, showing everything from personal photographs, to elaborate sketches of the singer, and fans sharing some of their favorite song lyrics of his. Watch the video below.

Pretty moving, right? We love seeing the diversity of his fan mail, from notes scrawled by little ones to people sharing their favorite song lyrics of Prine's, all on postcards from what appear to be all over the world based on the beautiful imagery they depict.

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