"Hey baby, come up here I found a whole set of squirrels in the attic!"

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
August 27, 2018
Brook Christopher/Getty Images

For one very funny, Georgia-bred comic, not even HGTV royalty Chip Gaines is safe from his gentle ribbing.

In his latest stunt, John Crist, who recently made a wildly popular video capturing what parents are thinking at Disney World, took on Mr. Gaines and how he actually felt on set for HGTV's Fixer Upper. After tweeting the "Honest Fixer Upper" clip, Gaines himself even replied, saying "Ha!! Welcome to the big leagues John."

Kicking off the humorous bit with "$120,000 budget? I'd like to call this house 'can't afford Dallas,'" Crist jumps into a variety of jokes about what Chip must honestly be thinking while the cameras are rolling during Fixer Upper filming as he stands inside a gutted home. "Oh y'all want historical and modern? Brilliant! That's not an oxymoron at all," he sarcastically comments at one point. "Babe, they'll be fine. Just expose the brick up front and get some barn door shutters and they'll be thrilled," he jokes later, making us laugh so hard our shiplap hurts. Watch the full video below.

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