The Magnolia Empress shares her top tips for setting your Thanksgiving Table.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
October 31, 2018
Joanna Gaines Setting Thanksgiving Table
Credit: Courtesy Magnolia

With November around the corner, you may have already given some thought on how you'll set your Thanksgiving table this year. Of course, Waco's leading lady, Joanna Gaines, has some brilliant advice to ensure you have a beautiful tableau.

This week, on her Magnolia At Home blog, Gaines was kind enough to share her best guidelines for setting the Turkey Day table. Read on for our three favorite tips.

Joanna Gaines Thanksgiving Table
Credit: Courtesy Magnolia

1. Mix old with new.

Aren't you glad you've kept Grandma's china safely tucked away for all these years? "I'm a big believer in blending styles in general—especially when it comes to setting the table," writes Gaines. "Layering contrasting looks like rustic chargers with modern plates, antique flatware, and vintage-inspired glassware, gives the table some character and makes for an interesting overall aesthetic."

2. Use a simple table runner with eclectic additions like candles and greenery.

Remember, you want to create visual interest without giving your guests an overwhelming, cluttered spectacle. "Starting with a simple, neutral table runner makes for a good foundation that you can easily build on," says Gaines, who opts for a linen runner as the backdrop for copper candlesticks and a faux olive garland. She also shared that she likes adding fresh greenery to her table, but since Gaines is a known aficionado of fake flowers, we think she'd be up for that, too.

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3. Don't arrange your flowers or centerpiece miles high.

It's not simply an aesthetic thing — too-high floral decorations or centerpieces can impact the interaction among guests and the flow of the food. "When we're gathering around the table I like to keep the centerpiece low, this way guests can easily see everyone at the table and there is plenty of room to place the food," explains Gaines.

Read Gaines' full blog post here. Need more gorgeous Thanksgiving table setting ideas? We've got you covered.