The Pantry Items Super Woman Joanna Gaines Always Has on Hand

Plus some timesaving kitchen hacks.

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With an ever-expanding business empire and a growing family, it's no surprise that Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines relies on timesaving hacks in the kitchen. In a recent interview with Food52, the cookbook author, soon-to-be mother of five and home design maven shared how she keeps her bustling family fed—and you better believe we're taking notes.

"On a weekly basis, a lot of the dishes that I cook use a lot of the same ingredients," Gaines revealed. "I try and buy a lot of those ingredients in bulk so I'm not always going to the grocery store right before I'm set to cook."

Timing and preparation, she added, is key. "I always do this on a Sunday night. I figure out what it is that everyone wants to eat and then I do the whole grocery list. And I think when you go with a plan, that alone is a big deal because you're not buying stuff you don't need," she told Food52. "But also when you're buying those tried and true ingredients in bulk that you know you'll use, I think that helps as well."

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Scroll down for a list of pantry staples Jo always has on hand:

  • Standard baking essentials like flours, sugars, and cocoa powders
  • Produce like bananas, lemons, white onions, and garlic (both fresh and the jarred)
  • Southern favorites like pecans and buttermilk
  • Spices like kosher salt, parsley flakes, garlic salt, and garlic powder;
  • Personal favorites like salted butter, refrigerated piecrust, organic chicken broth, and most importantly, dark chocolate-covered almonds. "These aren't for cooking but for my sanity!" she divulged.

As for her go-to plan-ahead meals? Like any good Southern mama, Gaines says casseroles play staring roles in her menus each week.

"I do a lot of casseroles these days," she recently admitted to Real Simple. "I think the biggest deal is not going to the grocery store right after I get off work. That's just not as enjoyable."

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