Time for your very own Sprucer Upper project.

If we could have Joanna Gaines wave her magic design wand in one spot in our house, our mantel would top the list.

But your mantel doesn't have to be a catchall for clutter, photo frames, and perhaps the seasonal pine cone or two. Instead, you can transform it into a chic nook with a few simple moves. In a recent blog post on Joanna Gaines' Magnolia At Home blog, the Empress of Waco reveals some of her favorite tips for styling your mantel.

Here are three of our favorites:

1. Add an anchor.

We're not talking nautical flourishes, rather, include an anchoring piece like a mirror, sculpture, piece of art, or wreath or floral arrangement to be the focal point of the space. "I always like to start with the anchor, and then build out the look from there," Gaines writes.

2. Display some greenery.

"Plants or faux greenery add life and movement to your mantel. I typically like to stick to one type of stem, even if the vases are different," notes Gaines, who's a big proponent of fake flowers.

3. Include some sentimental pieces.

Gaines calls it "layering," we call it bringing the heart into the home. "If your anchor piece seems to be dominating the mantel, layer other visually interesting details in front of it, such as family photos, artwork, or more personal items, like framed handwritten letters, kids' drawings, or a favorite quote," shares Gaines. Sold. Who wants to join us in grabbing the duster and re-styling the mantel?

Read Gaines' full blog post here.