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Wrapped Gift Kraft Paper
Credit: victoriabee/Getty Images

What's green and pink and pretty all over? Magnolia Market's beautiful flower transfer gift tags, of course. Yesterday, on Joanna Gaines' Magnolia blog, we learned her gorgeous technique for making these elegant gift tags on your own.

"This DIY is adapted from one of the displays that our Magnolia visual install team did at the market for spring! The thing I love about this is that the technique is really versatile," Joanna Gaines shares in the blog post. "We're going to demonstrate transferring flower prints onto a couple of surfaces, but get creative with what print you transfer and what you transfer it onto."

For the project, you'll only need a handful of items: A LaserJet print of the image you'd like to use, nail polish remover with acetone, cotton swabs (a rag will do, too), a credit card or brayer roller, and whatever you want to transfer the image onto, such as gift tags. You'll also need a surface to work on that you're okay spilling nail polish remover on.

The floral masterpieces come together in a few quick steps, and you'll want to work in a space with plenty of ventilation. In addition to making handmade gift tags, you can also use the method on a roll of kraft paper to make gift wrap or on wood to make a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

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For a step-by-step tutorial, read the blog post here. If your last crafternoon involved dip-dyed coffee mugs or nail art, we think this spring-ready idea is the perfect sequel.