Joanna Gaines Teaches Us How to Make the Most Requested Dessert in Her Household

It's time to learn how to make chocolate French silk pie.

During these difficult times amidst the coronavirus pandemic we've looked to some of our favorite celebrity chefs for a bit of comfort. From Ina Garten sharing her tips for freezer storage to Ree Drummond teaching us how to make chocolate mug cake we're grateful for the distraction and practical advice for these long days at home.

Now, as part of her new social media video series, lifestyle guru Joanna Gaines has been kind enough to reveal the recipe for a Gaines family classic: French silk pie. "It’s the most requested dessert around our house and I don’t blame them: smooth chocolatey filling + crumbly chocolate cookie crust + homemade whipped is just so good!" she captioned the seven-minute video tutorial in an Instagram post.

The full recipe is published in Gaines' upcoming cookbook, Magnolia Table, Volume 2, but in the video she walks us through making the delectable chocolate dessert step-by-step. In the clip she guides us through making the recipe's optional chocolate cookie crust with chocolate wafers, melted butter, and sugar. Once the crust is set, Gaines takes us through making the chocolate filling ("this is when I want to take the spatula and just lick it, because the camera is on, it's actually holding me accountable," she jokes). Next, we get schooled in a three-ingredient homemade whipped cream, which Gaines plops atop the pie before finishing it off with grated chocolate shavings—and voilà, La Française soie tarte est finie. Watch the video below.

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For more Gaines' video recipes during quarantine, check out her chocolate chip cookies and spinach tortellini soup. We have a feeling we're going to have to start a more rigorous at-home workout plan with all these chocolate desserts on deck.

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