Baby Crew makes us melt.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
March 25, 2019
Joanna Gaines and Daughter on Vacation

Even the Gaines family need a getaway from their home base of Waco, Texas every now and then.

So where'd the Gaines posse head for a family vacation to kick off the spring season? Lush and historic Tulum in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Mama Gaines was kind enough to share some glimpses into their getaway, captioning a series of photos on Instagram with, "Leaving Tulum with rested minds and full hearts."

From baby Crew waddling in the sand to the larger group feasting on dinner under the glow of string lights, it looks like their beach vacation was a success — and helped them recharge for the busy season ahead.

Now that the Gaines family is back home in Texas, it's clear their time away also instilled them with even more love for their native stomping grounds.

"Our little getaway filled our tanks and it's safe to say we all miss waking up to the sand and the sound of the waves.
But simple beauties and everyday miracles are scattered all around us, whether we're on vacation or in our own backyard," Gaines shared yesterday in an Instagram post featuring the floral bloom in her Waco garden.

"This morning, we went outside to check on the garden and noticed it's in full bloom. Within seconds we got lost in the sea of tulips and it seemed as though all of our yearnings to be back in the sand and our anxieties about schedules and mounds of laundry faded away," she continued.

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"The garden has always had a way of welcoming us home and grounding our hearts in gratefulness. And as far as the laundry goes... I'm still in vacation mode and it will have to wait another day," she signed off with a joke.

Here's to hoping Chip or Jo share a few more snapshots from this amazing spring break trip. Did you leave that al fresco dinner with any menu inspiration for Magnolia Table, JoJo?