Field trip.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
June 11, 2019
NBC/Getty Images

So what does Joanna Gaines do when her Magnolia co-workers clock out of the office for the day? Snoop around the Waco office a bit, it appears.

In a recent collection of Instagram Story posts, Gaines took her fans on a tour of Magnolia HQ, revealing some interesting tidbits along the way.

"Confession: Sometimes after everyone leaves the office, I walk around and consider (just for a quick second) taking stuff out of other peoples' offices and keeping things for myself..." Gaines wrote on Instagram, as originally reported by House Beautiful.

Among the would-be plunder? Gaines liked a framed quote reading, "It ought to be a feat to achieve boredom in a world like this one," a framed photo of David Letterman (yes, really, she even admits she told Chip when they were dating that she had a crush on the Late Night host), and several plants. She also gave viewers a peek at baby Crew's handsome office, a light-filled space with a crib, shaggy rug, and a dresser. Read House Beautiful's article here.

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And Jo, we're glad you left the plants in place.