Joanna Gaines Gets Real About Getting Enough Sleep as a Parent

Jo gets it.

Once upon a time, in a land before motherhood, virtual schooling, and pandemic outbreaks, there was this magical thing called sleep. Nowadays? All bets are out the window when it comes to getting a truly restorative night's worth of shut-eye.

Just ask Joanna Gaines, who's at the helm of a new television network, a string of brick-and-mortar outposts in Waco, multiple lifestyle brands, and—first and foremost—a family of five kiddos alongside her husband Chip. Sure, you may be able to "do it all," but sometimes sleep and sanity will be compromised. Needless to say, life isn't always as pretty and chaos-free as it's made out to be on social media. The former Fixer Upper star has long been candid about the pressures of sharing picture-perfect photos on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and she isn't shy about showing the reality of daily lives on her feed.

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And her latest post on Instagram—depicting her in bed with her toddler Crew, a stuffed animal, and another child who appears to be her daughter Emmie Kay—has really struck a chord with her audience about the realities of parenting. "Slept pretty good last night..." she simply captioned the photo with a tongue-tied Emoji face, reminding many of her fans that sleep doesn't always come easy when you're juggling a busy household with little ones.

In the comments section, followers eagerly chimed in with words of solidarity with the Waco Wonder Woman. "Now that is a picture of Motherhood! Love, sweetness, sacrifice all captured in one shot!" wrote one commenter, while another said "Kids are the best reason for losing some sleep, haha!"

Others expressed their nostalgia for earlier years of motherhood, offering "I miss that sooooo much. Those are the 'hold onto' moments that are so dear and truly make parenthood such a blessing" and "30 years later what I wouldn't give to have those sleepless nights back...the memories though."

If you know a frazzled mama or papa who needs some inspiration these days, be sure to share Jo's post with them. Sleepless nights feel a little better when you know you're not alone and get a gentle reminder to savor the season nevertheless.

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