Now is the time to focus on the little blessings.

During these challenging times, we're all trying to stay grounded. Sometimes, that means tending to our windowsill garden and taking a virtual knitting lesson. Sometimes, that means embracing our inner kid and trusting the sage wisdom of our lifestyle guru, Joanna Gaines. Curious to learn her counsel? Grab your pen and get ready to take notes.

Earlier this week, Gaines took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the value of harkening back to our inner child alongside photos of a beautiful field of flowers. "I took this pic yesterday morning, my first instinct was to run through this flowery meadow barefoot and free like my little girl self would have done so many years ago, but then my big girl self stopped me within two seconds of this blissful daydream and whispered 'oh but no, there are chiggers, bugs, rocks, and maybe even snakes.' So then I just took a picture because that's the second best way to capture the beauty I guess," she began her beautifully written missive.

Then, the day after visiting the field, Gaines had a revelation: "I woke up this morning and looked at this pic again and regretted not running through those flowers. So I went back with my Emmie Kay (the most wild and free little girl I know) and guess what? No rocks, no splinters, no snakes, only laughter and a free heart, oh and a few chiggers...but who cares because all those pesky littles bites simply remind me of that moment when my little girl self told my big girl self to just shut up and enjoy the flowery fields already," she concludes her moving note.

Now, more than ever, Gaines' message serves as a potent reminder to let our inner kid shine and try to see the little blessings of life, whether that's running through a field, reconnecting with an old friend from your mountain home community, or relishing that first bite of a delicious pancake.

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Share with us: How will you take Gaines' note to heart today and incorporate her advice into your life? We'd love to hear how you're keeping a "bright side up" perspective.