Mama and Papa Stevens get to work in the kitchen.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
December 06, 2019
Joanna Gaines
Credit: Getty Images / NBC / Contributor

For Thanksgiving 2019, Joanna Gaines was kind enough to give her fans an intimate glance at some of the cooking action in the kitchen with her parents,  Nan and Jerry Stevens.

In an emotional Instagram post, Gaines begins, "For years I've wanted to write down my mom's full holiday meal that she has made since I was little. It has always been hard for her to just give me the recipe because she cooks 'to taste' so nothing is ever written down or measured. She just wings it every time and every time it's my favorite. So I cleared my schedule and sat and watched her every move and wrote it all down." For Gaines, it's a true blessing to have had the opportunity to do this alongside mama: "It feels like such a gift to finally have these recipes of my mom’s on paper, all written out. And the even greater gift was the time we got to spend together in the kitchen today," she writes, signing off with,  "This thanksgiving, I'm extra grateful for family, tradition, and good food."

Along with the moving words, Gaines shares three photos. The first shows her mom, Nan, at work in the kitchen cracking eggs, and a careful eye will also note the copy of Gaines' cookbook, Magnolia Table, in the background (as the style doesn't appear to be Gaines' signature modern farmhouse look, the space is presumably Nan and Jerry Stevens' kitchen). The second picture shows Nan and Jerry side-by-side in the kitchen as Jerry—sporting a "Magnolia" long-sleeve tee-shirt—preps the turkey. In the last picture, we see Gaines' recipe notes for "Stevens Holiday Dinner," outlining "mom's dressing," "dad's turkey," cranberries, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and more. With Thanksgiving a week behind us now, our mouths are watering once again.

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Since we couldn't be a fly on the wall at the Stevens-Gaines family table this Thanksgiving, this behind-the-scenes look at their time prepping in the kitchen sure is a nice consolation prize. We can only hope Gaines' reveals Nan's dressing recipe to us in time for next year's festivities.