"No matter how big or small, it’s a powerful and life-changing thing to believe in someone, and to give them and their dreams a voice," Gaines wrote of their meeting.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
March 29, 2019
NBC/Getty Images

Even Joanna Gaines can get a little starstruck.

This week, Gaines had a very special meeting with the woman who helped catapult her to fame: "No matter how big or small, it’s a powerful and life-changing thing to believe in someone, and to give them and their dreams a voice. Back in 2012, Gabrielle Blair featured my home on her blog @designmom. I had been following her for years and couldn't believe she was reaching out after a friend had submitted photos to her of my house. Within a week of the blog going live, we got a call from a production company asking if we were interested in filming a show and the rest is history," Gaines writes in a reflective Instagram post.

"After all these years we finally met in person for the first time this week when I had the honor of speaking at her amazing conference, @altsummit. Thank you Gabrielle for inspiring the world with your beautiful talents and creativity," she signs off her thoughtful note.

Blair also took time to share her thoughts on their long-overdue encounter. "Two days ago, I had the opportunity to do something really, really fun: I interviewed @joannagaines for the Opening Keynote at @altsummit. I’ve been a fan a {of} Joanna since 2012 when I shared her lovely home in my Living With Kids series on #designmom. (This was back before the Fixer Upper days!) But Monday was the first time we met in person, and it was seriously such a treat. Joanna is as gracious, kind and lovely in person as you’d expect. (And Crew is the cutest!)," she captioned a series of photos of the duo.

"Interviewing her was like sitting down for a good chat with an old friend. As you know, Joanna has a lot going on, and it was so cool of her to take time and come all the way to Palm Springs. She’s the real deal, folks. I feel very lucky to know her."

What great photos! Indeed, the two look like decades-old friends, even in their first rendez-vous.

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The event's photographer, Justin Hackworth, also shared some amazing photos of Gaines in her bright yellow attire and gold statement jewelry at the Altitude Summit.

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Gabrielle Blair, we can't thank you enough for ushering in the Gaines family to our television screens and hearts.