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Joanna Gaines Homebody
Credit: Harper Design

After months of anticipation, home design-guru and overall superwoman Joanna Gaines' third book is finally here!

At its heart, Homebody ($24; amazon.com) is an easy-to-use manual for making your space your own, with helpful tips for finding an executing your own style. It's also an unending source of inspiration, filled with stunning photos of Joanna's farmhouse and other homes she loves.

"When I was deciding what I wanted this book to be about, there was conversation about filling its pages with beautiful, aspirational images, and I knew right away that wasn't what I wanted," the mother-of-five said in a release. "In fact, there's nothing I want less than for people to look wistfully at other people's ‘perfect' homes and feel defeated or wish that they were theirs."

Last, but certainly not least, are the candid stories about the Fixer Upper star's own personal design journey, chronicling how she transformed her home into a place she never wants to leave. (You better believe we're taking notes!)

"I'm trying to show people how we told our story—this is what we did," Joanna told Southern Living about her decision to feature photos of her own house in the book. "I just had to clean it!"

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Homebody is on sale now, available everywhere books are sold.