Keep tugging at our heartstrings, JoJo.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
January 10, 2019
NBC/Getty Images

Design guru Joanna Gaines never ceases to amaze us when it comes to creating amazing interiors. And whenever she takes us inside her personal work and living spaces, we're chomping at the bits.

Yesterday, the former HGTV star welcomed us to her office via Instagram. We love the contrast of the warm, brown leather couch with the greenery and blond wood. The pictures and inspirational quote manage to be inspiring and eye-catching without creating too much clutter. But at first glance we'd never guess the sentimental memento that Jo incorporated into her design: The "57th St." sign hanging in the corner.

"To keep me inspired while I work, I chose to display some of my favorite pieces like the vintage metal street sign which reminds me of when I lived on 57th Street in NYC," Gaines notes in the post of Manhattan's iconic boulevard that's home to Tiffany & Co., Chanel, Burberry, Bergdorf Goodman, Carnegie Hall, the Russian Tea Room, and flanked by Hudson River on the West and old-world Sutton Place and its namesake park overlooking the East River on the East. It's no coincidence that this Southern celeb lived on one of the world's most famous streets, known for the hustlers and game-changers it attracts.

Gaines continues of her office's decor, "The quote on the wall serves as a good daily reminder while the bird artwork is symbolic of my family. I'm all about filling walls and rooms with pieces that are meaningful and encouraging."

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Feeling like your own work space could use an overhaul? Earlier this week Gaines shared a post on her Magnolia At Home blog sharing how to fix up a gorgeous and practical home office space.

Our favorite tip from the piece reminds us of the importance of adding personal flair and treasured keepsakes to our work area. "One of the most important parts of creating your own office is adding your personality and style into the space. What inspires and motivates you most? Think of colors, books, quotes, art prints, your favorite scented candle or even a plant or two," writes Gaines. "Create a moodboard with tears from your favorite magazines, all pinned on a cork board. Even personal mementos like photos or cards help make the space yours. Consider adding a rug under your desk to help your workspace feel cozy."

Now, can we get a Beale Street sign?