It's so simple and so genius. We're in love!

By Meghan Overdeep
July 10, 2018
Southern Living Joanna Gaines Fifth Pregnancy
Credit: Facebook/Magnolia Market

When it comes to maximizing spaces, Joanna Gaines knows every trick in the book. Whether she's highlighting overlooked original details (we're looking at you, shiplap!) or using unexpected materials (like concrete) to give historic residences a touch of modernity, there's a million tips to glean from the Magnolia maven's ever-expanding body of work.

In a recent article breaking down how Chip and Jo brought their unique brand of "modern farmhouse" flare to life in the latest episode of Fixer Upper: Behind the Design, we were struck by one tip in particular: "multiply lights for free."

It's something we've seen the Gaines do before. They hang pendant lights in front of mirrors and one light magically becomes two. It's so simple and so genius. We're in love!

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In the "Herrera House" episode, Joanna hangs two modern pendant lights in the couple's cozy bathroom, right in front of the wall-to-wall mirror. As points out, the reflection makes it look like she's hung four lights, effectively doubling the amount of illumination in the small space.

And it's not just bathrooms that can benefit from this simple trick. Dining rooms, offices and other small spaces that lack ample natural light would all appreciate a little light fixture amplification.