The Source of Joanna Gaines' Energy Is Adorable—and Not What You'd Expect at All

We told you she was a superhero!

Joanna Gaines Baby Crew
Photo: Facebook/Joanna Gaines

Between her ever-growing empire and raising five young children—including five-month-old baby Crew—we often find ourselves asking "how does she do it?"

But seriously, how does Joanna Gaines, 40, find the energy not just to pull it all off, but to turn everything she touches into gold.

In a recent interview with People, Gaines revealed that the answer isn't a secret caffeine blend, meditation, yoga, or any of the other usual suspects. Believe it or not, these days everyone's favorite home-reno goddess said she gets her energy from little Crew.

"It's amazing "It woke me up a little bit," she said. "Life was doing its thing, and this baby—typically you feel tired, but this baby, he's just like my second wind."

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Instead of the post-partum exhaustion you'd expect, Gaines said that welcoming a newborn into their brood actually gave her an "extra kick" in her step.

Well that explains why they're considering baby number six!

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