Turquoise, navy, and sky blue need not apply for the Queen of Waco's love.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
January 17, 2018

In Jo's all-time favorite "Fixer Upper" episode, her sister's home in Waco got a beautiful transformation. Fast-forward to two weeks later and we're still fantasizing about sister Mary Kay McCall's darling abode.

Apparently, Jo is too. More specifically, the HGTV star can't stop daydreaming about a certain shade of blue, as revealed in a new Instagram post. "This 'weekend' blue color on the cabinets, wallpaper, and bathroom tile were some of my sister['s] favorite accents in her #fixerupper...definitely adds some fun contrast to this home!" the star captioned a series of photos featuring the rich, luxe shade.

Weekend Blue is available for purchase for $44 in eggshell, matte, and satin on MagnoliaMarket.com. "I'm a homebody. I love weekends. They are my place of calm. Like weekends, this color puts me at ease," Jo's description of the shade begins. "It is the calming blue of retreat and relaxation. To me, it just feels like home."

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Between the enchanting bathroom tile and gorgeous window seat, we'd like to echo Instagram commenter Kara's sentiment and say, "Can I borrow this house forever?"