"I love how Crew has given us all fresh eyes to see the wonder in our yearly traditions."
Joanna Gaines
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

This Christmas has taken on a special meaning for Joanna Gaines, and she's not shy about expressing its significance. In a sweet new missive in her Magnolia At Home blog, Gaines reflects on "Embracing a New Kind of Christmas," as the post's headline also reads. Of course, the arrival of baby Crew last June has played an important role in Gaines' introspection and helped her see this magical time of year with a new appreciation.

"The Christmas season is something we start anticipating as a family months before its arrival. We look forward to celebrating our favorite traditions—like packing into the car and driving to the tree farm to pick out the tallest pine we can find, and then drinking hot cocoa while we decorate our home," Joanna begins her post. "It's also tradition for us to decorate two trees every year, each with its own personality."

Later in her blog entry, she describes her love for the second tree in the Gaines household, dubbed the "family tree." Explaining why this tree is one of her most cherished aspects of Christmastime, she writes, "This year, when it came time to pull down the holiday boxes from the attic, I had to consider a new spot for the family tree. Our den, where the family tree was placed in past years, became a nursery in June for our new son, Crew. I thought about every possible room it could go in, and the only place where there was an open spot was the primary bedroom. In years past, I would have never thought to put a Christmas tree this adorned in my bedroom, but given the circumstances, it played out just the way it was supposed to." (Hmmmm...a tree in the bedroom? Our wheels are turning, too, JoJo.)

"Since bringing home Crew, our primary bedroom has become a natural gathering place for our entire family. It's also where our only working fireplace is, so we all tend to settle in there in the evenings when the weather turns colder. This year, I wanted to be intentional about embracing this transition of spaces for our family, which made our primary bedroom the perfect spot to place our family tree. Plus, there's nothing quite like falling asleep to a lit Christmas tree every night," she continues.

WATCH: See Joanna Gaines' Family Christmas Tree

Two Christmas trees and a family huddled around a warm fireplace? Now that's a wintry ritual we can get behind. Here's to hoping we get invited to the next Gaines family holiday movie night.