Her mother-in-law, Gayle, inspired this sweet annual gesture.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
November 09, 2019

Chip and Joanna Gaines have such a sweet family. While we'd love to be invited over for a holiday dinner in their Waco home, stealing one of their cherished traditions may be the next best thing.

In a recent piece from Joanna Gaines on her Magnolia blog, we learned exactly which tradition we'd want to add to our holiday repertoire: Exchanging ornaments at Thanksgiving with loved ones.

Here's the sweet backstory from Joanna's post:

Fast forward to today, and Gayle gives all of her grandchildren an ornament on Thanksgiving and mama Joanna does the same for all of her children. ("Like a football for Drake the first year he started playing or a pair of skis to represent a family ski trip," Gaines writes of her thoughtful selections.)

This heartwarming anecdote has certainly inspired us to think about exchanging ornaments with our friends and family this holiday season.

Admittedly, we wonder if the Magnolia store sells a gorgeous little modern farmhouse charm that says Fixer Upper on it to symbolize the joy the show brought us. For now, it looks like this paintbrush ornament will have to do.

What's your favorite holiday tradition?