"I know that God has me. I'm filled with gratitude and joy."

By Meghan Overdeep
October 22, 2018
Nomi Ellenson/Getty Images

More than a year after revealing her cancer diagnosis, country singer Jo Dee Messina opened up to People about how the illness has impacted her faith and her relationship with her two young sons.

"Sometimes I need help getting dishes down from the shelf," Messina, 48, admitted. "I let my kids see my weakness as much as I let them see my joy of life."

The Grammy-nominated songstress added that throughout her cancer battle, she's worked hard to be honest with her children—Noah, 9, and Jonah, 6—about the "realness of the pain and the struggle of my surgery."

And through it all, her faith in God has only grown.

"I'm leaning on God," Messina told People. "I'm letting Him take charge. It's what's best for my soul right now. Every biopsy and every result…it feels like an eternity goes by. I know that God has me. I'm filled with gratitude and joy."

The "I'm Alright" singer has been tight-lipped about the exact details of her diagnosis and treatment, though she hasn't let it keep her off the road or out of the studio. Messina even managed to release new faith-filled single inspired by her cancer journey.

"It tells the news that people need to know, that God provides a love that we will never understand," she told People of her new single "Reckless Love."

"Human love is so conditional," she continued. "His love isn't."

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Messina was also candid about her fears that country radio stations might be hesitant to play the new track given its overt message of faith.

"A lot of people around me have been frightened to release it to the country format," she explained to People. "I don't have that fear. There is someone out there that needs to hear it. I don't care what is current or what is going to be successful, but country music is my home format. Why not share the message? God is not formatted."