NFL Superstar J.J. Watt is Ready to Fill in as TV Weatherman

Move over, Al Roker

JJ Watt
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In times of crisis, we’ve gotten used to several familiar faces stepping up to the plate to help out their fellow Americans. One such face? Houston Texans defensive linesman, J.J.Watt, of course. Watt has made generous donations to help Houston get back on their feet after Hurricane Harvey, and used the proceeds from his Reebok shoe to fund honor flights for veterans. Just last month, Watt and his wife, Kealia Ohai, donated $350,000 to the Houston food bank.

Now, as we all do our best to carry on from home during the coronavirus crisis, we find ourselves filling various roles. Parents are now schoolteachers, and breweries are now making hand sanitizer. We are all doing our best to fill the roles most needed right now. For Watt, who has been spending the NFL offseason in his home state of Wisconsin, well he has so graciously taken on the role of weatherman. Move over, Al Roker!

That’s right, while conducting his morning workouts on a makeshift football field he painted himself (check out that video), Watt has taken to his social media platforms to inform us all of the status of the weather in Wisconsin. Everyone has a part to play as we all lean on each other—from a safe distance—to weather this global storm. And it was a storm of sorts that sparked this bit of social fun from the NFL star, as he reported “live” in a developing weather situation.

We aren’t so sure he’s got all those stats correct, but that’s ok! It sure brought a smile to our faces. And yesterday, he was back at it again, reporting a phenomenon—sideways snow.

Watt found it hard to believe that one of his “fellow weatherman” say it would be 68 degrees the next day. ABC News’ Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee showed this video on GMA this morning and in a friendly tone she said, “it’s called a jet stream, J.J.” and that this is just what happens in springtime, meaning the dramatic swing in temperatures from warm to cold and back again.

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We hope we get an update tomorrow if things did, in fact, warm up in Wisconsin.

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