We all know what it means when America's Weatherman shows up in your town.

By Rebecca Angel Baer
October 09, 2018
Jonathan Saruk/The Weather Channel via Getty Images

As the Florida coast braces for hurricane Michael's imminent arrival, last minute preparations are being made. Southerners are boarding up homes and businesses and many who are in the direct path of, yet another monster storm, are packing up and evacuating their homes. It's not exactly a "calm before the storm" type scenario. It's a period riddled with anxiety and "what-ifs."

But as most Southerners know, there are two things that can help ease the fears ahead of scary situations—good food and of course, laughter. So amidst various posts of advice and warnings, the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office have taken to Facebook to ease the tensions, at least momentarily, with a good, old fashion, jab at one of the most recognizable faces of severe weather: Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel.

The Facebook post is a mock wanted poster citing a "Trespass Warning" for the famous meteorologist and lists all of his personal stats like his weight, hair listed as bald, and his occupation, as a real wanted poster might do. In box labeled "special conditions" the poster states: "Non-business-related visits only. Winter Months preferred." As the jokes often go, you see Jim Cantore in your neighborhood, you know the weather is about to turn and not for the best. From the comments on the post, it's clear that most appreciate the moment of levity in a serious situation. One comment read "You know it's gonna be bad if you wake up and he's on your beach." And another said "This is awesome y'all. So awesome! Thank y'all for everything you do."

It should be noted that at the bottom of the mock flyer it states, "This is not a real trespass. We like Jim, just not under these conditions."

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The post provides a good break from the seriousness of storm prep, but be safe y'all. And if you are in this storm's path, please take proper precautions, listen to the warnings and the evacuation orders, and to Jim Cantore and all other weather professionals. They do know what they are talking about.