Jim Cantore Pauses Hurricane Delta Reporting in Louisiana to Try Boudin Beignets

“Here in Cajun Country, food is the heart of everything and how we show our appreciation, thanks, condolences, everything!”

Jim Cantore Boudin Beignets
Photo: KSquared Creative Co

Kayla Blanchard and Kayla Simon don't usually find themselves in downtown Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, at daybreak, but the friends and business partners were up earlier than usual on Thursday morning.

The Kaylas, as they are known locally, are co-owners of KSquared Creative Co. Yesterday the longtime best friends just so happened to attend a 4:30 a.m. workout class instead of their usual 8 a.m. class to give themselves time to prepare for Hurricane Delta's arrival.

So, they consider it fate they found themselves downtown at 6 a.m. Thursday alongside legendary Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore.

"We just walked right up and said, 'OK, if you're here that means the weather's really coming here,'" Simon recalled to The Acadiana Advocate.

"Yeah, we asked him to leave right away," Blanchard added. "We were like, 'It's great you're here, but you've got to go now.'"

When The Kaylas learned that Cantore's team been up since 2 a.m. they immediately brought them water and coffee. Nothing was open for breakfast yet, so they called the owner of downtown Breaux Bridge Tante Marie and asked him to have some boudin-stuffed beignets ready first thing at 7 a.m. to bring to Cantore and his crew.

Kayla Blanchard and Kayla Simon
KSquared Creative Co

"When we brought the beignets, one of the crew members told us 'Now that's some true Cajun women, always making sure everyone is fed!' and we couldn't agree more!" Blanchard told Southern Living. "Here in Cajun Country, food is the heart of everything and how we show our appreciation, thanks, condolences, everything!"

Blanchard said they didn't think anything of the kind gesture.

"It was Kayla S's natural response to showcase the deliciousness and hospitality that our small community has to offer!" she explained.

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Blanchard and Simon hung around for almost two hours watching Jim report the weather and pose for socially distanced selfies with fans between takes.

Ray Cloutier, director of Tante Marie, told The Advocate that she was "thrilled "when she found out Cantore and his team had tried her restaurant's food.

"Are you kidding me?" she asked. "Are you kidding me? Jim Cantore? To see him eating our boudin beignets? I was tickled pink. You always say if you see Jim Cantore, you just leave. Well, not this time. He can stay. He's a cutie pie. My husband was probably very happy that I wasn't at the restaurant when he came by."

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