"Good people are doing good things on a daily basis even if it is in small ways or big ways."
French Bulldog Oxygen Mask
Credit: Facebook/Steven and Michelle Burt

Steven and Michelle Burt have been flying between their homes in Florida and Massachusetts with their pets for 12 years. Like their other two dogs, their three-year-old French Bulldog Darcy, gets excited to travel. "She knows the drill," Michelle explained.

So when Darcy began showing signs of distress during a Massachusetts-bound JetBlue flight last week, the Burts knew she was in trouble. According to a widely-shared post on Michelle's private Facebook page, the dog's tongue began to turn blue and she started having difficulty breathing.

"I gave her some water and just let her sit on my lap hoping she would be okay," Michelle recalled.

When it became clear that little Darcy was suffering from hypoxia—a lack of oxygen in the body —the flight crew stepped up big time.

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"Two crew members (Renaud and Diane) brought ice in bags and she was still breathing fast. She continued to pant heavily. Renaud, who explained that he also had a French Bulldog, brought a small oxygen tank with a mask attached," Michelle wrote. "I placed the mask over her face, and within a few minutes she became alert and after a short time she didn't want the mask. I believe Renaud and Diane saved a life, some may reduce the value of the life because Darcy is a canine, I do not."

Photos of Darcy wearing an oxygen mask have since spread across social media. They might look cute, but the Frenchie (who has since made a full recovery) was in very real danger.

Michele thanked JetBlue along with Renaud and Diane for "doing their job and also being great humans," and noted how her family's ordeal should serve as a reminder that "good people are doing good things on a daily basis even if it is in small ways or big ways."