There is a jewel heist and a murder—classic mystery fans, this one will keep you guessing until the end.
Jesse Metcalfe
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This Sunday will give us the much anticipated second installment of the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries adaptation of the Martha’s Vineyard Mystery series. In Riddled with Deceit, Jesse Metcalfe not only reprises the role of retired detective Jeff Jackson, but he takes on an additional role off camera as well. Metcalfe also serves as an executive producer for the project, helping bring the beloved book series by Philip R. Craig to life on screen.

“I read every book that each new installment of the franchise is based on. The books are very fun…I really love the character and think the stories that we’re telling are fun and I think we’re pushing the envelope at Hallmark,” Metcalfe shared in a recent phone call with Southern Living.

This series does push the envelope for the network we often turn to for Christmas movies and Murder She Wrote marathons (please, never take those off air. A classic is a classic). But, on Hallmark Channel’s sister network dedicated to mysteries, this series does take a step away from the predictable. Metcalfe plays a retired Boston cop and the hunt for the killer leads to tense, physically demanding sequences, something the actor relishes.

“I love the action. There is really some grittier action in our mystery series which I love, because I’m a very physical guy. I’ve been told I’m a physical actor. And that type of acting really pulls you into the story.”

The Chesapeake Shores heartthrob will show off those fight scene chops again soon as he’s just finished filming the feature film, Open Source with action legend, Bruce Willis.

But it’s not all tough guy, all the time. We also see Metcalfe’s character commanding another arena. Jeff Jackson is a confident home chef and we see him in his kitchen with the glorious water views several times. When asked if he was also culinarily gifted in real life, Metcalfe was humble.

“I can follow a recipe,” he said with a laugh. But it seems like he may be able to do a bit more than that. “My claim to fame in the kitchen is my grandmother’s spaghetti and meatballs from scratch. The sauce is made from scratch. That’s probably my best dish.” He went on to share memories of his beloved grandmother and how she taught him her recipes that most likely were passed down to her from the generation before. “My grandmother was an incredible cook,” he said, and insisted they encouraged her to open a restaurant, but she was satisfied just cooking for the people she loved. “Everything she made had a full stick of butter in it.” Well, we think that sounds perfect.

It may be a given from the name of these movies, but these stories are set in Martha's Vineyard on the picturesque northeast coast. This location is somewhere that Metcalfe feels incredibly comfortable.

“I’m from Connecticut and have been to Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard many, many, times. I feel like this project and this role was destined for me.”

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Don’t miss the premiere of Riddled with Deceit: A Martha’s Vineyard Mystery, Sunday night on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.