Check Out the Special Moment NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice Shared with a Make-A-Wish Kid Before the Big Game

The tender moment between the three-time Super Bowl champion and 16-year-old Jordan was caught on camera.

Make-A-Wish Jordan and Jerry Rice
Photo: Make-A-Wish Foundation

Last night's Super Bowl was full of excitement, a true nail-biter to the end. It was a total thrill for Kansas City fans, for sure, to see their team win for the first time in fifty years. But there was also a pretty special moment that happened well before kickoff that you may have missed.

Starkville, Mississippi native Jerry Rice is one of football's greatest players of all time. In fact, that is precisely why Rice was on the field before the start of the game yesterday. He was one of 100 players honored in a pre-game ceremony celebrating 100 seasons of the NFL. Just a little while before that happened, Rice was down on the field, sporting his number 80 San Francisco 49ers jersey, a jersey that saw him earn three super bowl rings in his fifteen years with the Bay area team. In the hustle and bustle of the calm before the storm of the game, Rice saw 16-year-old Jordan seated in his wheelchair right up against the railing of the front row of seats. Jordan was at the game as one of 19 children in attendance with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Superbowl Group Photo
Make-A-Wish Foundation

The Hebron, Kentucky teen battles a genetic disorder, but his physical limitations do not put a damper on this sports fan's spirit. A life-long sports fan, Jordan most enjoys watching sports with his dad. And what happened next was a true thrill for any sports fan—regardless of age.

As you can see in the video above, Rice walks right up to Jordan and hands him his Super Bowl ring to try on. Jordan jubilantly places football's most coveted accessory on his finger and raises it in the air, accompanied by a huge grin. He then gingerly returns the ring to its rightful owner.

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It was a quick exchange, and a small gesture that surely had a huge impact on this young man. Mr. Rice, that is what we'd call, Hall of Famer level kindness.

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