We can't think of a more deserving young man.

By Meghan Overdeep
September 09, 2019
Jermaine Bell Disney Surprise
Credit: Disney

Jermaine Bell inspired millions last week after word got out that the six-year-old chose to use the money he'd saved for a trip to Walt Disney World with his family to help Hurricane Dorian evacuees.

Bell, of Jacksonville, Florida, spent more than a year saving money for a trip to Walt Disney World to celebrate his seventh birthday. But, as the hurricane approached the South Carolina coast, he decided he'd rather use his savings to help people in need.

The altruistic youngster bought hundreds of hot dogs, bags of chips, and bottled water and served them free of charge to evacuees who passed through Allendale, South Carolina, where he was visiting his grandmother. Bell stood along the highway with two hand-written signs and served nearly 100 evacuees. He also offered to pray for each of them.

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When word of Bell's incredible act of charity reached the bigwigs at Disney, they decided to reward him and his family with the trip of his dreams.

On Sunday, his seventh birthday, Mickey Mouse and a group of Walt Disney World cast members made a surprise visit to his birthday party to tell him that he and his family are going to Walt Disney World after all—free of charge.

The family will enjoy a VIP getaway later this month.

As for the lesson Bell has learned from all of this?

"Be strong," he said. "And if you do something good, good will come back to you."