"Let's do it again soon!"
Matthew McConaughey And Jennifer Lopez In 'The Wedding Planner'
Credit: Archive Photos/Stringer/Getty Images

Nearly two decades later, Jennifer Lopez and Texas state treasure Matthew McConaughey delighted fans by reminiscing about their iconic romantic comedy, The Wedding Planner.

The exchange between the two A-listers, which took place on Twitter last week, began after Lopez shared a clip from the 2001 film for Throwback Thursday.

In the clip, Lopez’s character Mary tells McConaughey's Steve about her previous engagement and how she feels like she's not "enough."

McConaughey responded in the comments writing, simply, "you are more than enough."

The walk down memory lane continued the next day thanks to McConaughey, who shared a video on Twitter featuring behind-the-scenes details about what it was like to film The Wedding Planner. 

He recalled how "Jennifer was already cast, [and] they were looking for the male lead” when he was brought onto the project, and how he was "paid extremely well" because of an impending writer’s strike.

McConaughey went on to say that he had "a lot of fun" playing Lopez's love interest and that he has always admired her talent.

"I've always called her a quad threat. What does she not do? That girl works her backside off, on everything," he said. "She does not just show up and wing it at all. She's like clockwork. Just hammers it and knocks it out."

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After seeing McConaughey's heartfelt commentary, Lopez retweeted the video and teased “let's do it again soon!”

We certainly hope you do!