Yes, please!

By Meghan Overdeep
March 05, 2019
Jennifer Garner
Credit: Michael Tran/Getty Images

Jennifer Garner has done it again!

The mom-of-three and proud Girl Scout troop leader revealed on social media Friday that she over-ordered Girl Scout cookies this year and was looking to share.

"Hi, I'm a Girl Scout leader and I over-ordered," the charming A-lister said in an Instagram story.

"Anyone who doesn't have access to Girl Scouts—because clearly here in Los Angeles these people are overrun with Girl Scout cookies—I'm just going to send them to you," she added.

Garner, who went viral for helping one of her daughters sell the cookies outside a grocery store last year, told her fans to email her at to get their hands on some of this year's batch—for free.

"Just email here and the first whatever people until we run out, just tell us what you want, and we'll send you some if we can until we run out," she said.

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Unfortunately, with more that 5.2 million Instagram followers, we have a feeling Garner ran out of inventory within minutes. But it certainly can't hurt to ask!