Jennifer Garner Took Her Cat for a Walk... in a Stroller

Of course she did!

Jennifer Garner
Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

If there’s one person we can count on to make us smile in the middle of multiple national crises, it’s Jennifer Garner.

The quirky actress, who famously walked her pet chicken, Regina George, on a leash in 2017, struck again last week, only this time she was photographed walking another unlikely animal: her family cat.

In photos shared by Harper’s Bazaar, the 13 Going On 30 star and her three children can be seen pushing a fluffy feline through their Brentwood neighborhood in its own little stroller.

Garner’s cat, who has been photographed enjoying the outdoors in a stroller before, has had an exciting few weeks. Not long after Garner wore the family cat on her head to cheer up a young hospital patient, the patient feline played a prominent role in her viral laundry video (below).

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In fact, this most recent kitty outing might have been to make up for that little tumble off the shelf…

Please never change, Jennifer. Please.

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