This church story just warms our heart.
Jenna Bush Hager with daughter Mila
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

In a TODAY show segment with Jenna Bush Hager and Savannah Guthrie yesterday, the duo had a lively conversation about the importance of friendships, even diving into their own personal friendship and how it evolved from "work friends" to "friends friends."

But what stuck out most from their dialogue was a special moment Bush Hager shared from a recent trip to church. "I witnessed this beautiful interaction [at church]," Bush Hager begins, describing how her daugher Mila, six, was teary-eyed when she didn't have Guthrie's daughter Vale to sit next to at the service (the two TODAY show stars attend the same church). "I just want to sit with you mama," Mila said. Hager urged her daughter to go into Sunday school, anyway.

"And this girl, [who's] first time [it was] at church, this little girl, she turned and around and looked at Mila and said, 'Hi, I'm Kayla,' and Mila just hugged her and wiped the tears from her eyes. I told [Kayla's] parents after church these little things that are so easy for kids, become harder for adults."

"[It's] such a good lesson," Guthrie responds after hearing the sweet story. "Because what if we decided to be like the Kayla in someone's life today?" Watch the full segment below.

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What a heartwarming story and powerful reminder that sometimes a friendly hello at an opportune moment is all it takes to make somebody's bad day turn around.