Poppy and Mila were serious mischief makers. 

Jenna Bush Hager Today - Season 67
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Kids. They say and do the darndest things. Sometimes, those things involve locking themselves in their parents' bedrooms with the nanny outside and painting themselves in mama's makeup.

Such was the case for Jenna Bush Hager on a recent evening when she left daughters Mila, 5, and Poppy, 3, at home with a babysitter.

"My kids got in trouble for the first time, like, together. Listen I had a twin sister, that's like as mischievous as it can get if you're the same age," Hager told Hoda Kotb in a TODAY show segment from January 10th.

Here's what went down: On a recent night, when Poppy and Mila were left with a "darling babysitter" — who's also an NBC employee and from Hager's home state of Texas — the girls decided to stir up some trouble. "She's very kind. And I feel like they witnessed that kindness and took advantage of it."

While Hager was at a Teach for Uganda event that her sister Barbara put on, she got a text from the nanny saying, "I'm so sorry, they have locked me out. They locked your door of your room — they're in your room — and they have locked me on the other side for 45 minutes of bad behavior." Hager continues on with the story, describing how she arrived home to find her daughters running around the house naked with her makeup covering their faces and a sound machine blaring in her bedroom.

To hear the rest of the tale and learn the clever way Hager taught the girls a lesson from the experience, watch the full clip below.

Let's not forget that Hager is an admitted jokester herself, who once orchestrated a prank call to her mom, Laura Bush, on-air with the TODAY show. "It was fun to go back to seventh grade just for a moment," Bush Hager quipped of the experience.

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Well, it appears that ages five and three are the new seventh grade. What a night of mayem at the Bush Hager residence, Poppy and Mila.