Jenna Bush Hager and Kids Reunite with Sully, George H.W. Bush's Service Dog, in Adorable Zoom Call

"Do you remember Great Gampy?"

Jenna Bush Hager Sully Service Dog
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This past Veteran's Day was an extra special one for President George H.W. Bush's former service dog, Sully.

Not only did the adorable Labrador get to see his second life-size statue unveiled on the campus of America's VetDogs in New York, he also got to reunite with some of his biggest fans.

Jenna Bush Hager and her children were able to say hello to Sully in a segment that aired on Today Wednesday. The four-year-old yellow Labrador, who now serves U.S. military veterans at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, caught up with his former family via the cutest Zoom call.

Jenna's daughters, seven-year-old Mila and five-year-old Poppy were all smiles for their virtual reunion with the celebrity service dog who served their beloved Great Gampy in the final months of his life. The girls even introduced him to their one-year-old brother Hal.

"Hello little doggy, I want to hug you," Poppy told the sweet pup.

"Do you remember Great Gampy?" Mila asked.

Jenna held up a photo of the former president to the screen. Sully, incredibly, nodded in recognition of his former companion.

"I love you Sully!" the girls exclaimed in unison before signing off.

Jenna shared that Sully has been doing great in his role at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and was even just promoted to a higher rank. Though he's been unable to roam the halls amid the coronavirus pandemic, he has been spreading joy to patients via FaceTime.

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Sully's trainer, Valerie Cramer, recalled how the yellow lab first came to serve Mr. Bush, and how one of the president's main concerns was that he was potentially taking away a dog from another veteran in need.

"The thing that we had all arranged prior to Sully even going to your grandfather was that Sully would continue to work with veterans forever and that he would share the experience and the joy that Sully and a service dog can give to a veteran," Cramer told Jenna. "And that's really a gift that your grandfather gave to everyone."

We're not crying, you are!

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