You can take a girl outta Texas...
Jenna Bush Hager October 2017
Credit: Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

Jenna Bush Hager may reside in New York City, but Texas is always home to the 36-year-old mother, wife, twin to Barbara, author, and TODAY show contributor.

Recently, she chatted with Dallas' D Magazine about all things Big D. When asked about the "best part about coming home" to Texas her answer will certainly delight many a homesick and native Texan alike:

"My family and a ton of friends are here, so that's awesome. I'm going to bring the girls down to Texas for two weeks during spring break. Both sides of our family are Texan, so for them to have an understanding about that heritage is super important to me," Bush Hager said. "Maybe it's not the exotic beaches some of their friends will be going to, but I think heading to where a lot of my heart is is important for them. I'm thrilled about it."

In addition to her excitement for the stellar Mexican cuisine she enjoys in Texas, she also touched on her love for spending time in nature. "When my daughter was younger, she used to think the moon was a fictional thing. When we walked out onto our ranch in Crawford, she was like, 'The moon!' She couldn't believe it," she told D Magazine.

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In addition to those non-fiction moons, we also hear the Lone Star State boasts some beautiful clear, starry skies to boot. We're hoping Jenna Bush Hager and fam's spring break getaway is one for the books.