"I searched all the romantics and Shakespeare just wasn’t doing it. [My grandfather] was sitting right next to me as I read it."

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
October 8, 2018
Rick Kern/Getty Images

The road to Barbara Bush and now-husband Craig Coyne's nuptials started at a special place for the Bush family: The very spot where Barbara's grandparents, George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush, got engaged in Maine 75 years ago. It's only fitting that the duo wed on ground that's most sacred to the Bushes, their Kennebunkport family compound on Walker's Point.

Accordingly, yesterday at their intimate wedding reception, Barbara's twin sister Jenna Bush Hager drew from the best love story she knew — her grandparents — to toast the newlyweds. “I just told her and everybody how much she means to me. But I ended actually with a letter my grandfather wrote to my grandmother,” Bush Hager told TODAY. “Because I searched all the romantics and Shakespeare just wasn’t doing it. He was sitting right next to me as I read it.”

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Today, Bush Hager also expressed her love for her sister on social media, posting several moving photos on instagram. "My heart exploded last night as I watched my dearest sissy get married in Maine. It was just like her: private (only family!) and full of love (and yes lots of tears!)," she captioned the first photo she shared from the couple's wedding day. Another heart-melting shot revealed her grandpa looking on at her daughter Poppy participating in the wedding ceremony.

We're sending our heartfelt congratulations to the newlyweds. Now we see why #41 was waiting a few extra days to return from Maine to his  home state of Texas for his much-loved Tex-Mex food!