Pick a Thursday and get your free tickets to see the inimitable team on your favorite morning show.
Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb Today Show
Credit: Getty Images / NBC

Oprah has her Gayle. Jenna has her Hoda. Hoda has her Jenna.

And now we have Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb in our friendship circle, too. Well, at least starting on February 6th if you can travel to New York City, where fans will be treated to live tapings of the fourth hour of the TODAY show once a week. On Thursday, the duo made the announcement on-air, clearly excited that they will get to share their show with people in a live audience.

“I’m so excited, I want to cry," Hager said, visibly emotional. "Okay, let's just ...sometimes you need to sit with something for a minute," Kotb soothingly jokes. "I love that we have a special title for those days, it's Hoda & Jenna & Friends," adds Kotb. The live tapings will take place on Thursdays and will start filming at 9:00 a.m. EST. Tickets are free and available to those ages 16 and older. You can read the full announcement here or get tickets at HodaAndJennaTickets.com.

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“The ladies having an audience will make them better at what they do,” Joanne LaMarca, executive producer of the Kotb's and Bush Hager's show, told Variety in a recent interview. “There’s a certain energy when you perform on stage, when you have people react to what you are doing.” We may not be fortune tellers, but with the co-hosts' dynamism, we're certain these will be very special shows indeed.

“I think that the audience is really going to change things up and I can’t wait for Hoda and Jenna to get to meet the best friends they don’t know they have," LaMarca added.

Now, we'll just have to plan to get our tickets around the same time as when Luke Bryan or Carrie Underwood have a concert in the Manhattan area and round up our girlfriends for a long weekend in the Big Apple.