No, it's not Pumpkin Spiced flavored.
Jelly Belly Krispy Kreme

So, you thought it couldn't get any better than Krispy Kreme collaborating with Cheerwine? Well, so did we. Until...

Once upon a time, Jelly Belly met Krispy Kreme. They realized that they had a lot of sweet similarities in common. And together, the formidable duo made our doughnut-flavored jelly beans dream come true.

Announced last May, the candy is now available for purchase at Flavors include cinnamon-apple filled, strawberry iced, glazed blueberry cake, chocolate iced with sprinkles, and—drumroll please—original glazed. Miraculously, pumpkin spice didn't make the final cut, though the doughnut vendor released a limited edition pumpkin spice glazed doughnut earlier this fall.

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If you're really feeling ambitious (or would like to stock up for Halloween), you can even buy a 10-pound bulk bag. Jelly Belly also sells the confection by the bag, miniature case, and even in gift boxes. Warning: After you've grabbed a handful, hide the remainder in a very deep, dark corner of your pantry and promptly step away.