Jeff Saville of Friendswood, Texas has become an internet sensation.

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A single Dad in Friendswood, Texas is the internet's new crush.

It's not always easy being a father. Add to that the pressure of dating and it's no surprise that Jeff Saville sometimes needs to lean on his four daughters for support.

After being single for the past three years following his 22-year marriage, Saville sometimes finds himself in need of fashion advice from his stylish offspring. That's why he reached out to his daughter Carli, 18, to get her take on some potential outfits for an upcoming date.

Little did he know the text message exchange would catapult him to become an internet sensation when Carli shared the dialogue and photos on Twitter. In the conversation, Saville runs various shirt options by his daughter to figure out what to wear for his big date.

The Tweet was originally shared on July 6th and in the two weeks since then has racked up 5,900 retweets and 169,100 likes and counting. Check it out below.

Meanwhile, after all that outfit modeling, the date unfortunately never happened. "She stood me up. I was a little hurt at first. I just took it in stride," Saville told Houston's ABC 13. Watch ABC 13's interview with Saville and his daughter Carli below.

Mr.Saville, you've officially made our hearts swoon with delight and we sure hope you get back out there and get to enjoy a fun date, after all.

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Here's to hoping all your fans from Twitter can help play matchmaker and find you the perfect lady — regardless of what shirt you wear.