The 41st president is recovering well after a blood infection landed him in intensive care following wife Barbara's funeral.
Southern Living Bush Family
Credit: JOHN MOTTERN/Getty Images

You can cross the Bush family off your "worry list" once more.

During a speaking engagement at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, on Wednesday, youngest son Jeb said that his father, George Sr., is "stronger than an ox."

He added that the former President, who he called "the greatest man alive," is out of intensive care and is expected to be leaving Houston Methodist Hospital on Friday.

Bush Sr., 93, is recovering from a blood infection that landed him in intensive care the day after his wife Barbara's funeral on Saturday.

The Bushes were married for 73 years—longer than any other presidential couple in history. The timing of George's hospitalization led many to suspect that the country's 41st president was suffering from "broken heart syndrome."

"Broken heart syndrome is absolutely a real syndrome, a true medical condition," David Kessler, a grief expert and founder of, recently told People. "Grief is a reflection of the love. And the loss of a love so deep can actually be heartbreaking."

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Kessler added that often he sees this situation in couples that have been married for such a long time.

"If two hearts have beaten in rhythm for 73 years, it's not surprising that when Barbara leaves, that George considers following," he explained. "They have a love story that not even a little death can stop."

We're happy to hear that he's on the mend!