"Age is definitely just a number to Jeanne."
Skydiving for her 92nd birthday
Credit: iFLY Austin

Jeanne Wiant isn't your average nonagenarian. The Austin, Texas woman always planned to celebrate her 92nd birthday this year by jumping out of a plane, but shortly before the big day, Wiant decided she was "beyond that."

"I don't want to do what George H.W. Bush does anymore," she told KXAN with a laugh, referencing how the former president famously skydived on his 90th birthday.

Instead, on Monday, Wiant and her friends traveled to iFly Austin, an indoor skydiving facility, where she became the second-oldest person to have flown in the Austin wind tunnel.

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"You just have to stay active," Wiant told KXAN. "Enjoy life and do as much as you can because your body's going to get old, but you don't have to get old."

And she means what she says. Her friends can confirm that Wiant loves living an active lifestyle and has no plans to slow down. "Age is definitely just a number to Jeanne," Emily Tolliver, a sales coordinator for iFLY Austin, told Southern Living.

You go, Jeanne! Happy birthday!