This meat and three is setting a trailblazing example.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
February 27, 2018
Comfort Restaurant

What beats a great meal from your favorite restaurant? A great meal with a worthy cause behind it.

Such is the case for Richmond's downtown restaurant, Comfort, which starting March 1st will donate all of its net profits to fighting hunger. Opened in 2002, the eatery has announced a partnership with the nonprofit FeedMore, which provides hunger-relief in Central Virginia.

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Chef and Partner Jason Alley shared a moving post on social media with the news. "Here we go! After being an active part of the Richmond Community for the last 15 years, we have decided that now it is time that we give back in a more permanent and meaningful way. We asked ourselves what more could we do to help, and realized this was the next step," he began.

"Comfort is excited to announce that we are shifting our business model and will partner with FeedMore to help end the hunger epidemic in our community. Starting on Thursday, March 1st, we will donate our all of our net profits from the restaurant to fight food insecurity in and around Richmond." Read the full post below.

The restaurant's menu will remain the same, but the staff will undergo training on educating patrons about FeedMore and how they can get involved. The charitable initiative is a move close to Alley's, and his co-owner Michele Jones', hearts. "When we were growing up, there was no reason to think we'd be where we are," Alley told the Richmond Times-Dispatch, referencing the hunger Alley and Jones' experienced during their childhood and current position as restaurant owners. "It's time for us to give back."

To make a reservation, visit or call (804) 780-0004. If your home or upcoming travels don't take you to the Richmond area, you can also donate directly to FeedMore here.