Happy birthday to George and James Morrow, who don't look a day over 75!  

George and James Morrow
Credit: Twitter/Aaron Nolan/KARK 4

If there's anything more incredible than celebrating your 100th birthday, it's doing so with your twin by your side.

George and James Morrow of Morrilton, Arkansas, are celebrating their 100th birthday on Wednesday. The twins—who don't look a day over 75—attended a party hosted by friends and family at Lonoke Missionary Baptist Church over the weekend.

"Yeah I feel just as good as did 25 years ago," James told KARK with a grin.

And we're inclined to believe him. Despite their impressive age, both James and George still have full heads of hair, and one of them even just got his license renewed.

The brothers, who were born in 1919, told the station that the secret to looking young and living a long life is simple.

"Well always be honest and truthful, don't be afraid to work and leave the booze and wild women alone," James said, getting quite the laugh from party-goers.

And even though they admitted to arguing from time to time, they've still managed to hold onto their special bond.

"I think the good lord had something to do with it," George told KARK.

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As they are wont to do, James and George also offered some advice for the younger generation.

"Instead of looking at these phones... try to learn something," James said.

The twins aren't the only members of their family to have enjoyed long lives. They have a younger sister Jeanette who is 98 years old, and their oldest sister, Mabel Carter, is 105.

Happy birthday Mr. James and Mr. George!