After behaving badly, one Houston Texan turned his fumble into a big win for homeless children in Houston.
Houston Texan Jadeveon Clowney
Credit: Rob Carr / Staff/ Getty Images

Trash talking comes with the territory for professional athletes. And while many handle it in stride, sometimes, egos get bruised and it can get a little personal. After the Houston Texans lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars in a brutal 45-7 blow out, Texans' defensive lineman Jadeveon Clowney, had a moment of weakness. He let the crushing defeat get the best of him, as reported by Bleacher Report, and during a post game press conference he told reporters that the Jaguars' quarterback, Blake Bortles, was "trash," as reported by Brian Smith of the Houston Chronicle.

Bortles wasn't too bothered by the comment. As reported by Michael Di Rocco of

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However, Jags fans took a different approach and sent Clowney trashcans in defense of their QB.

After receiving these unwanted gifts, and presumably after time enough for a cooler head to prevail, Clowney decided to change the narrative. He filled the trashcans and an entire truck with toys that he delivered to a faith-based shelter that provides a safe place and resources for homeless women and children as well as low-income families. The people that Mission of Yahweh serves will benefit greatly from this unexpected gift and just in time for Christmas.

Clowney posted a photo on Twitter thanking Jaguars' fans for sending the trashcans and inspiring him to "turn a negative situation into a blessing."

Now we say, that's more like it!