These cuties are ready to make their public debut!

By Rebecca Angel Baer
February 09, 2018

Cue the "awwws." Jacksonville Zoo and Garden's newest tiger cubs are set to meet their already adoring fans this weekend. Rocky and Jaggar are Sumatran tiger cubs and for the last 11 weeks, they've been enjoying a little private time in the nursing den with their Mama, Dorcas. The cubs have grown from a wee 4.5 pounds to a mighty 20 pounds each! These kids are now ready to leave the den and make their public debut.

Just ahead of their formal introduction, zookeepers took Rocky and Jaggar into the exhibit to privately explore their new digs. The pint-sized tigers bounced and pounced and chased their Mama around much like our own kids would on the playground. Zookeepers have even "cub-proofed" the stream running through the enclosure so that the water level is shallow enough for the boys to use as their very own splash pad.

Saturday, February 10th the active tiger toddlers will officially enter their new home at 9:30 a.m. The guys will have limited viewing hours because just like human babies, they tire easily and will need naps and to be nursed by Mama. If you're interested in greeting Rocky and Jaggar or any of the other animals at the Jacksonville Zoo, this is a great weekend to visit. The zoo has a special promotion for Valentine's Day. February 10th-14th admission is buy-one, get-one free. Cute baby tigers? Sounds like the perfect date to us! Be sure to grab the coupon on the zoo's website