This is the Toner Jackie Kennedy Used Every Day—and It's Available Online!

The secret to her legendary glow, revealed.

Admired for her timeless elegance and strength in the face of adversity, Jackie Kennedy is just as much an icon today as she as when she captured our hearts as First Lady.

As one of the most photographed women in the world, Kennedy always managed to look flawless. From her perfectly coiffed hair to her flawless fashion choices, it's no wonder she remains synonymous with classic beauty.

Jacqueline Kennedy
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And while the decades have laid bare a number of her style and beauty secrets, people have always wondered how she managed to achieve her glowing complexion. That is, until now.

A document recently unearthed by the Makeup Museum offers insight into Kennedy's beauty routine. And fortunately for us, not only is it much more feasible than Marilyn Monroe's Vaseline regimen, many of Kennedy's holy grail products can still be found today.

The document, dated May 1, 1963, contains the notes of Hungarian dermatologist Erno Laszlo, the former First Lady's skincare guru. In it, Laszlo provided his recommendations based on Kennedy's lifestyle and skin concerns.

The notes suggest that Kennedy struggled with blackheads and maybe even acne. As such, Laszlo advised her to go easy on skin oils. "Dr. stresses upon the importance of never applying more oil or creams on the face than what he has advised in his Instructions," the document states. "Otherwise, the 'bumps' will never disappear, and blackheads and pimples will reappear."

WATCH: This Is the Anti-Aging Cleanser Jackie Kennedy Used for Her Gorgeous Skin

To prevent clogged pores without over-drying her skin, Laszlo suggested two products for daily use: Erno Laszlo Light Controlling Lotion (the brand's first ever toner) and Erno Laszlo Phelityl Oil. Laszlo also suggested that her husband, President John F. Kennedy, use the Phelityl Oil for his dry skin and breakouts, though she expressed doubt he would follow through.

The document also includes a breakdown of Kennedy's daily meals, and even her exercise goals, providing a fascinatingly intimate look at one of history's most beloved figures.

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