"I can't write down what I feel for you, but I will show you when I am with you—and I think you must know—."

By Meghan Overdeep
November 02, 2018

A love letter from Jackie to her husband John F. Kennedy provides a rare and intimate look at the deep and often times turbulent relationship between the American royal couple. And it's up for auction.

According to RR Auction, which is handling the sale, the three-page letter was written in 1957 or 1958, when JFK was a senator and spending a lot of time away from home.

In the contemplative letter, Jackie examines what she calls their "atypical" marriage, and how she sometimes found it hard to communicate with her famously eloquent husband via letter.

"I can't help it if when I go away from you I write stiff letters — it is hard for me to communicate — which you do so beautifully," the future First Lady writes.

"I know everyone says married couples should never separate — as you get off the same wave length … but I think it is usually good when we go away from each other as we both realize so much," she continues.

Jackie also wrote about their daughter Caroline, who the couple welcomed in 1957 after a series of miscarriages.

"You are an atypical husband—increasingly so in one way or another every year since we've been married—so you mustn't be surprised to have an atypical wife—Each of us would have been so lonely with the normal kind," she continues. "I can't write down what I feel for you, but I will show you when I am with you—and I think you must know—."

Jackie Kennedy JFK Love Letter
Credit: RR Auction

RR Auction is auctioning the letter along with five photographs of Jackie at age 16. They estimate that the letter will sell for upwards of $20,000, while the photos should sell for around $1,500.

"[The letter is] pretty incredible because she was a prolific letter writer. We get lots of letters from her. We have her talking about the president. We've seen letters talking about the assassination or his character, but we've never had a letter from Jackie written to Jack," Bobby Livingston, the executive vice president at RR Auction, told People.

"She's talking about their marriage and their relationship. It isn't about visiting the in-laws or something. It is a love letter," Livingston continues. "She loved him, and it shows there."

Read the letter in its entirety (and place a bid) here.