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Christina O Yacht
Credit: Stef Bravin

There's cruising. And then there's luxury cruising.

If you fancy yourself a luxury cruiser (and have a deeply furbished bank account) consider chartering Christina O, the famed yacht of Jackie Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis, now available for rent through Valef Yachts. It's worth noting that while this yacht charter broker charters Christina O out, Valef Yachts does not do so exclusively.

Jackie Kennedy and Yacht Christina
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Christina O is based in the South of France in the summer. Currently, daily rates for hopping aboard lady Christina are €80,000 in low season and €90,000 in July and August, or roughly $90,571 to $101,893. According to Valef Yachts, the boat can host up to 36 guests in 17 staterooms (the Onassis Suite is pictured below). "Nobody back in 1943 in Canada could have guessed the future fame of the frigate Stormont, a convoy escort. But then came 1954, when Aristotle Onassis bought her. Instead of writing history as a navy ship, she wrote history as the world's grandest and most exalted yacht: Onassis' legendary 'Christina,'" a description of the yacht on the company's website reads. "Under new ownership in 1998, she was given her new name Christina ‘O.'' She has been restored to her old glory, through a complete refurbishment and repowering by the world's leading experts."

Onassis Suite
Credit: Valef Yachts

Over the years, Jackie Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis hosted many notable figures including Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, John Wayne, and Marilyn Monroe, among many other luminaries aboard their beloved vessel. As CNN Travel reports, the wedding reception for Monaco's Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly even took place on the fabled yacht.

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Callas Lounge
Credit: Valef Yachts

Aboard the yacht, guests can enjoy amenities like a swimming pool (which can be converted into a dance room, of course), a large Jacuzzi, two massage rooms, a fitness center, and ample space to laze outdoors and breathe in the salty ocean air. Also included in the rental fee? Eternal bragging rights to say you spent time aboard the same ultra-luxe vessel as Jackie O.