Stars Josie Bissett and Jack Wagner share their experiences making the five films and offer their own advice for wedding planning.      

Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett Wedding March 5
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Mick, Olivia, and the whole gang are back at the picturesque Willow Lake Inn with a brand-new story full of love, laughter, and of course, weddings. Wedding March 5: My Boyfriend's Back is the fifth film in the popular Hallmark franchise that pairs up TV veterans Josie Bissett and Jack Wagner—a match they are thrilled to re-visit again and again.

For those fans of ‘90s primetime dramas, you may recall that Bissett and Wagner were co-stars in the steamy soap, Melrose Place. Now they've left the high drama of that Hollywood apartment complex behind for romance and fun in the dreamy setting of a country inn.

"We didn't have a storyline together on Melrose Place but we just kind of knew each other as cast members so that was lovely. But it wasn't like we worked a lot together. So, this has been a whole new journey as friends and as actors," Wagner shared as he and Bissett sat down with Southern Living at Hallmark's June Weddings Fan Celebration at Graceland in May.

"It's so much fun. We just have so much trust and fun together that it makes the work just so much fun. And different that anything I've ever done. You know, when you've known someone for so long and trust that they've got your back and you have a similar sense of humor, chemistry...just makes it nice," Bissett added.

They both agreed that this new rom-com genre suits them just fine.

"When you're an actor, and you get to do romantic comedies and you get along with who you work with and you laugh off camera. Forget about it," Wagner said.

"Like what could be better?" Bissett quipped.

"They really pay us to do this?" They both laughed in agreement.

The duo also tips their hat to the success of the network and how much it has transformed into the perfect professional environment for both actors and behind the scenes crews.

"When I first started working for Hallmark, in Los Angeles, in Hollywood, I'll be honest. Amongst networks, and managers, and agents, it was considered ho-hum, no big deal. And I think it's evolved to be this place everyone wants to work. Because there is a ton of work. They are doing 103 movies. They do every movie in about three weeks. They've got three series on now—When Calls the Heart (in which Wagner also stars) being its highest rated, so it basically employs hundreds and hundreds of actors and crews. And you know, actors that have had careers like Josie's and mine, we've been around for 20-30-35 years, and we find a consistent, safe place to work," Wagner said.

"That's what's great about Hallmark is you can kind of count on that for the most part. If you're gonna choose as an actor to be a part of the Hallmark family, you really do feel that way," Bissett said, adding that the positive, inclusive mentality goes all the way up to the network execs. "I don't know any other network where you feel like you're part of the team. It's pretty cool."

As we reunite with Mick and Olivia, they are both secretly plotting a big surprise for the other in celebration of the 25th anniversary of their very first date. Not knowing what the other is up to, both characters seek the assistance of resident chef and dear friend, Duke. He manages to keep both secrets and help pull of a spectacular love-filled surprise for Olivia and Mick.

If you've watched any of the four previous Wedding March films then you know that Wagner and Bissett play owners of an inn that is also a highly sought-after wedding venue. Their characters are planning weddings all the time, so we thought we'd ask if the on-screen couple picked up any tips or tricks to pass along to any bride or grooms-to-be.

"Pick your battles," Wagner laughed. "Just in life in general, and in relationships. Romantic relationships. It's really about how are you going to handle your own emotions and then kind of calmly communicate."

Bissett was a bride herself not too long ago when she wed Thomas Doig in 2017 at a vineyard and her biggest advice? Don't get carried away and lose sight of the purpose.

"If there were any advice I would give is to just try to not spend too much money. Because it's a new couple, it is one day. You have one day. It's astounding how much weddings can cost. And there are so many ways to make it so beautiful and not forget what's the most important thing, is the union of two people, and the families being together…Really thinking about what really matters. It's just the love and the union of everything and putting it together in your own way, right? That's how I feel."

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Tune in to see how it all unfolds when Wedding March 5: My Boyfriend's Back airs Saturday night on Hallmark channel